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Global Reseller Deal for Bohemia Interactive

The Swedish company Division By Zero with the immersive product jDome has signed a global reseller contract with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). Primarily BISim work in the military training and simulation area but they are steadily breaking through into other areas where thorough training is imperative to ensure protection and safety.

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The cooperation enables customers all over the globe to set up a truly immersive training station in less than 10 minutes.


Through BISim customers can buy a fully deployable simulation and training kit containing all necessary software and hardware for ‘instant’ training. The realism that the jDome gives compared with ordinary screens can be a part in training programs that reduces cost and at the same time increase the efficiency of the training through the immersive experience. The potential for in-theatre training is exciting and as forces worldwide face budget cuts, staff shortages and faster turn around from training to deployment, flexible training systems like jDome become increasingly important.

“Together with Bohemia we have the perfect match for a true immersive and real Low Cost Training and Simulation set-up.” Says Per Ek, Sales Director at Division By Zero. “Bohemia Interactive is by far the leading provider of simulation technologies and integrated training solutions for military and civilian organizations around the globe. With origins in the gaming industry, Bohemia has the same legacy as us. Also we originate from the gaming industry and we very much enjoy the perceptive mindset we share in our approach to the customers.”

The jDome is used in several military training programs like driving, handling vehicles and heavy equipment, systems training and large scale tactical training of soldiers. JDome increases the realism and spatial awareness in training, providing trainees with a heightened game-training experience.

Mark Dzulko, Chief Technical Officer at Bohemia says, “The jDome concept fits perfectly with the VBS2 ethos of the innovative use of technology to provide valuable, flexible and excellent training, whilst keeping the cost amazingly low. We are very happy to have the jDome team on board and look forward to a great working partnership.”

The jDome is appointed one of the Top 20 Swedish Innovations and is currently on a prestigious round the World tour together with the Swedish Institute ( which started in Silicon Valley in October 2011.

About VBS2

VBS2 is a game-based virtual training solution suited for collective military tactical training and mission rehearsal. VBS2 is an ‘open platform’ that provides scenario editors, run-time scenario editing, after-action review and content development capability, in addition to a highly realistic multi-participant virtual environment. VBS2 is a virtual sandbox that is employed daily by all ABCA Armies and most other premier military forces. VBS2 training courses are available.

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Bohemia Interactive Simulations
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About jDome

jDome is a half-spherical projection screen for use with any “off the shelf” projector. It provides a very realistic environment and experience for the user. It increases the value of the simulation and reduce training time needed in real machinery. The cost and size together with its mobility makes jDome a complete tool for any kind of simulation and training.

More information is available at:
Contact: Per Ek: or             +46 709 357753